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We are a metaphysical center focused on spiritual and personal development. Our goal is to promote personal and spiritual growth for every seeker, regardless of beliefs or backgrounds. We study and teach psychic development, futuristic, arcane, esoteric, and suppressed ideas, knowledge, and technologies.  We would love to meet YOU!
Our Mission
To connect and expand our Community through knowledge, light, and love.
Mission Statement
To inspire the courage to explore, to expand consciousness, to reach the pinnacle of the human spirit.

Capstone House is truly a learning center, a place to discover and follow your individual, unique spiritual path. While we focus on metaphysics, we offer opportunities to learn and share many different topics to help expand one’s knowledge, understanding, personal development, and of course spiritual growth. Capstone House prides itself on having a huge metaphysical library. Members have lending privileges.

Our facility is available to rent for your next event - parties, meetings, weddings, etc.


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and we rely solely upon monetary and service donations for the continued operation of this exciting center. 

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