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Benefits of membership include:


  • Discounts on our weekly and monthly classes. Members may elect to purchase a discounted monthly Class Pass, which allows you to attend as many of our regularly scheduled classes as you'd like for one monthly fee of $25.00. (Normal cost per class is $5.00 for members and $10.00 for visitors, but you may attend any 3 classes as our guest while you decide on membership.)

  • Discounts at festivals and many special events.

  • Invitations to occasional members-only events.

  • A 25% discount on facility rentals.

  • You may check library items out (for a 4-week period). Our extensive library includes materials in areas of higher consciousness, psychic abilities and how to develop them, natural gardening, herbology, Edgar Cayce studies, A Course in Miracles, dream interpretation, paranormal research, developing your psychic abilities, spiritual growth and personal growth, UFO's and ET's, tarot, astral travel, palmistry, witchcraft, and much more. 

Your one-year membership begins and ends in the month you purchase yours. Individuals $45.00 per year. Families $65.00. 

As an all-volunteer organization, we rely heavily on volunteers for nearly every task; we couldn't function without them. 

When you join Capstone House, we ask that you consider where your skills could be of benefit to the organization. Are you a teacher/speaker? Are you good on the phone? Are you proficient with computers/technology? Would you mind helping to maintain the building and grounds? Would you mind cleaning? (There's always cleaning that needs to be done, lol.) Are you a writer or a reader? Library volunteers are frequently needed. Are you an organizer or a promoter?


As you can imagine, many hands with many skills work together to keep Capstone successful. Thank you for your interest! If you'd like to volunteer in some way, please let us know. We'd love to include YOU!

If you'd like to contact us more directly, please call us at 850-747-9224, or you can send an email to We'd be very pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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