Capstone House is focused on spirituality and metaphysics.  We love learning and sharing. We hold classes and events to help expand one’s knowledge, understanding, and spiritual growth. Capstone House prides itself on having a huge metaphysical library.


Capstone House was founded in 1989 by Gladys Grimsley, Ed Wilbanks, Dr. Jim DeRuiter, and George Bowdler. These forward thinking individuals saw a need in the community for a place to explore ideas that were futuristic and sometimes even out of this world! We continue this tradition by offering weeknight classes (check out our calendar) and special events on weekends. We look forward to seeing you at Capstone House!


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and we rely solely upon monetary and service donations for the continued operation of this exciting center. 

Class Pass
Purchase a monthly Pay-One-Price Class Pass ($25 for members and $40 for non-members) to attend any or all regularly scheduled classes during each month. Passes expire at the end of each calendar month.
Some classes included in the pass: Thought Technology (Law of Attraction), Urantia Book Study Group, The Science of Spirit with QiGong and Meditation, Ascension 101, Disclosure (secret space programs, UFO's, ET's, undisclosed technologies, declassified info, etc.)