COVID-19 Info: With respect for the individual's right to choose, we do not require the use of masks. However, masks are provided for anyone who may not have one, and hand sanitizer is readily available. We also have 3 bathrooms and a kitchen that are supplied with plenty of soap and paper towels for your handwashing needs. At festivals, every vendor and reader table is supplied with a plastic barrier. We love our community, and we want to continue to welcome you... safely. 

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Facilitator: Dr. Tali Cluxton, assisted by Meda Arbour. Some of our favorite teachers are Abraham and Kryon, and we work with the angelic realm.

Class Pass eligible.

Facilitators: Susan Todd and Felicia Charbon. Excellent for beginners or anyone else who enjoys discussing these wonderful topics. Class Pass eligible.

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Facilitator: Nicky Starr. Talking with others who are also highly sensitive really helps. Learn to protect yourself from all that energy out there. Class Pass eligible.

Lively discussions about sightings and experiences, interdimensional beings, crop circles, incidents of high strangeness, etc. Nothing is too "out there" to be considered.

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Facilitator: Michael Mazzenga. One hour, one beat. We practice one new hand drumming rhythm each month, and the session evolves into a freeform drum circle. Lots of fun!

Facilitator: Michael Mazzenga. Learn astrology in a relaxed, friendly environment as we discuss its symbols, concepts, and relevance in our lives through the details of our own charts and what is currently happening in the heavens. Bring your natal chart if you can - get it at

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