Who wouldn't benefit from a gentle, slow flow yoga class? Join Melissa Strawser in our main hall where there is plenty of room and lots of quiet. 

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A slow paced (but fun!) way to learn tarot. Because it takes time, and there is no pressure to perform here. This is intended to be an ongoing class so that you may come when you can and miss when you can't be here. Teachers will vary, but we'll begin with Chris Kearns and Meda Arbour. We hope you'll join us for this new adventure.

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Chris is a practicing witch and a psychic medium. He provides readings at Capstone's festivals as well as longer, private one-on-one readings. 

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1st Thursdays - Psychic Development topics like clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, telekinesis, seeing and reading auras, etc.

3rd Thursdays - varying topics such as lucid dreaming, astral travel, manifesting with the law of attraction, meditation techniques, etc.

Lively discussions about sightings and experiences, interdimensional beings, crop circles, Sasquatch (aka The Forest People), incidents of high strangeness, etc. Nothing is too "out there" to be considered.

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Facilitator: Michael Mazzenga. Learn astrology in a relaxed, friendly environment as we discuss its symbols, concepts, and relevance in our lives through the details of our own charts and what is currently happening in the heavens. Bring your natal chart if you can - get it at astro.com. Mike also provides private, detailed, on-on-one astrological and tarot readings as well as the shorter readings at Capstone's festivals.

Meda is an empath and a psychic intuitive who has studied many spiritual topics. She is also the director at Capstone House.

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